What is a SpinPop?

Spinpop is the new fun way to get a grip on your phone! 

Where should I position my SpinPop grip?

Spinpop can be placed anywhere on the back of your phone, most people prefer to position their Spinpop right in the middle on the back of their phone/phone case.

How does a SpinPop work?

Spinpop adheres to your phone with an adhesive.

What’s the lifespan of my SpinPop?

Spinpop lifespan varies on your care. Heat and water exposure may shorten the lifespan.

How can I remove my SpinPop?

Spinpop is designed to stay put but in the event you would like to remove it use a blow-dryer or warm air to loosen the adhesive and gently peel off. 

What if my SpinPop doesn’t stick?

On the rare case your Spinpop does not adhere send us an email with a video and we will be happy to replace your item.

How do I clean my SpinPop?

You can clean your Spinpop using alcohol or any other electronic safe cleanser.

What are the dimensions of a SpinPop?

Spinpop is about 1.5" wide.

What if I am not happy with my purchase?

In the rare event that you are not happy with your Spinpop please email us and we will try our best to resolve the issue at hand.

How can I process a return?

Please contact customer service.